12 Weeks Post Surgery

So at 7.5 weeks after surgery my doctor was going to keep me in the splint and crutchs but after noticing that I had lost tons of muscle in my calf and my big toe being super stiff she switched me to the boot but continued to have me on crutches for another 2 weeks. I was able to now wash my foot everyday. It took me a few days to get all the dead skin off my eventually did it. 

9.5 weeks after surgery I got off crutches finally!!!! It was such a great feeling to be walking freely now even though I had the boot. It was a great improvement. 

So it’s been 12 weeks now since surgery. My calf muscle is started to get back to its original form. My swelling has gone down tremendously. I move my big toe with my fingers everyday just a little. At home I can walk around in some Ugg slippers that I recently bought that felt comfortable. My next appointment is January 11. But I feel that I am almost completely healed. 

Image Image Image


26 Days Post Op

Well I went for my check up and my doctor took Xrays she says that I’m healing excellent but will still need to be on crutches for 3 more weeks 😦 but in the long run it will be worth it. It such a drag though when living in a 3 story house..imagine all the stairs I need to go up to get to my room..Nothing much else has changed though I can finally paint  my toenails though. Until next time..

19 Days Post Surgery

Well today is Day 19. I’ve been able to be more productive. I am able to wash dishes at a slow pace. I did some laundry by putting all the dirty clothes in a duffel bag than taking that bag to the laundry room and i lean against a wall or the machines to help me balance. I also managed to cook somewhat which felt good to do again.

This past weekend was able to go watch a movie. Granted it can get tiring on crutches what hurts the most are the palms of my hands. But I look at it as cardio in a way lol.

Monday was the first day I wet my foot. I was very careful with it. I softly just cleaned the incision area with soap. My foot is still swollen but I fell the swelling has gone down. I’ve also lost all my calf muscle practically. You can see it somewhat in the picture below.


My next appointment is in a week so I’m hoping for some good news then and getting off crutches. Oh, and if anyone is wondering I was only on pain killers for about 6 days and then was able to do without them.

Here is what my incision looks like 19 days after surgery. I’ve notched that my Big toe and 2nd toe seem to be getting a little wrinkly.


2 Weeks Post Surgery

Well, I had a break down today. It feel so anxious and uneasy just being cooped up in my house not being able to do a thing and having to rely on crutches to get around. My husband decided to take me to his work so it was nice to get out of the house. I was so active pre surgery that I really hadn’t realized how bad this was going to be. I went back to the gym today as well. I took it easy though. Of course only working my upper body and only exercises where I could be sitting down. Another thing I really miss is driving. I’m hoping at my next check up I’ll be rid of the crutches and into a boot. 

Here at the gym warming up. I did stretches ab workouts I did pushups on my knees of course. I then had proceeded to do a body workout minus legs. 


12 Days Later

I got my stitches out today! What I love about my doctor was that she stitched me under the skin so it was just one straight thread practically and I’m hoping the scaring will be very minimal. I still have swelling but my foot doesn’t need to be elevated as much anymore. Had more x-rays taken and everything seems to be healing just fine. She told me I can wash my foot once a week now and should only have it getting wet between 10-15 minutes. 

One Week Later

I had my first check up a week later post surgery. Had X-rays done and everything seemed fine. They took all the bandage off and a few of the white tape strips that was covering my stitches. My foot was swollen and my ankle felt so stiff. Had to get the splint back on but with MUCH LESS bandage which I was happy about. My leg didn’t feel as heavy with the new bandage. I had to still keep my foot elevated because if I left it too long without doing so my foot would feel so much throbbing and I could tell my toes would get very purple. 

Showering was such an issue the first week for me. But the best way I was able to do it was to elevate my foot in my bathtub with a trash bag covering it and just place my head under the faucet and do it that way. It is not comfortable one bit but I had to do it. 


Day of Bunion Surgery

Im 24 years old and have had a bunion since I can remember but as the years have passed I just felt the pain getting worse and worse. I’d feel a sharp pain in my big toe and wear the bunion was whether I was wearing heels or just tennis shoes and even flats and also soccer cleats. 

It finally got to a point wear I felt that I need the surgery. I was hesitant because I am very active. I play soccer weekly and would go to the gym 6 days a week for cardio and weight training. So, I was concerned about the recovery time. In the end I just knew I had to get it done. 

Here is my Bunion on my right foot before the surgery.
ImageI got to the Surgery facility around 6am. My surgery was starting about 45 minutes later. They made an incision at the top of my foot broke my bone inserted 2 screws and stitched me up. I was waking up from surgery around 9am. I was put in a splint cast and bandaged up and was given crutches. 

I felt no pain that day at all. I slept most of the day as well. The anesthesia hadn’t worn off yet.  I was prescribed Vicodin every 4-6 hours as needed for pain. Had to ice my foot 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. And keep my foot elevated.